When parents fail to raise their kids, they end up like this

Here's what happens when the people at home don't take care of their kids. They go to school with anger issues and it's quite obvious which kids come from horrible home conditions.


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Fetid01 1 day ago

Welcome to sh-tCongo....

Nonee Yabee 1 week ago

Future inmate and a complete failure as a human. He'll never change and will get worse and worse.

darkoss 3 weeks ago

The kid needs psychiatrist. He has anger issues or a frontal cortex brain injury. Glad that I only had to a big city school for 1.5 years of m life. Back then, the blacks always disrupted the class as well. It was cool to ruin education for all. Circa 1975.

sws 4 weeks ago

make him stand on a square tile and tell him if he flinches for 5 minutes he will have to stand there for another 5 minutes thats what they used to do when i was in school make them stand there all day if you half to

ChicagoGuy 4 weeks ago

Gay Mayor, sh-tty home life, no direction... Keep giving them our tax money. Should be invested in the criminal justice system. School is not going to do anything with this one.

Madison 4 weeks ago

I went to elementary schools like this. You can't believe the level of dysfunctionality and violence that happens in inner-city public schools.
It is a total miracle that any child leaves there knowing how to read and write and do simple math. Many leave not knowing how to do those things and all the money in the world won't change it at all.

YEA 4 weeks ago

Yea lets ban abortion!!!!

TR 4 weeks ago

That was really hard to watch. That young man has serious issues most likely from being raised with no father figure in his life. It's just so sad. The patience of the teachers is amazing.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Nothing but trouble. So sad that a horrible past with a terrible present leads to a you know where future. It ain’t rocket science.

jay 4 weeks ago

But did they call him by his preferred pronouns? That's what's really important, you know.

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