Hannity accused of being a 'deep state hack' after clash with GOP Rep

People on social media are calling Sean Hannity a deep state hack after his clash with Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert. Viewers think Hannity was trying to bait Boebert into saying someone's name when it comes to who should be the next Speaker of the House and then getting the media to go after them. Watch the clash between Boebert and Hannity and tell us what you think in the comments.


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John Melvin Dodd 3 weeks ago

Here are my thoughts: Sean, you are losing me. The 20 Republicans who forced Kevin McCarthy to finally (at the last minute) make extremely important concessions, are and were heroes, who should have been supported and praised. Clearly, McCarthy has been part of the Deep State and has done practically nothing to stop the onslaught of horrible Democrat legislation. Where would our nation be now if those 20 valiant Republicans had listened to your counsel (and to that of Trump) and approved McCarthy on the first ballot? I shudder to think! I heard your show when you were trying to pander to Rep. Lauren Boebert after she had won major concessions from McCarthy. I was not impressed with you. Especially she and the other 4 who were able to force these concessions after the 14th ballot are major heroes and deserve our everlasting thanks. If they had listened to you we would have none of these concessions from McCarthy. I find fewer and fewer reasons to continue to listen to you. John Melvin Dodd, Gilmer, TX.

david toms 3 weeks ago

Sean just wanted a question answered. Love both of these people and it was a total waste of time for both of them. Boerbert came across just fine, Sean gets lost in his own bs and pigheadedness sometime. This was one of those times.

michael v 4 weeks ago

its been known for a long time..fox news is owned by the deep state

TennRides 4 weeks ago

I'm not sure why the 20 they're talking about are so opposed to McCarthy, But to say they should throw in the towel, because McCarthy currently has 203 is silly. The vast majority of Americans opposed standing up to King George and his military. A small group of brave men and women, some say 3%, stood up and fought. Thank God they did. Just because one group has a large majority of support, does NOT make them right.

Cindy Presson 4 weeks ago

I watched this and hoped Sean would cut her off ...I didn't see him as 'baiting' her; she was just determined not to answer his questions., and talked over him...

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