Piers Morgan confronts woman who celebrates obesity

Piers Morgan makes many good points about obesity to a woman who is celebrating obesity. It's like she's defending being overweight to the point where she's probably unhealthy and has issues with her body that only a professional can talk about. There's a different between being a few pounds overweight and having a BMI the width of a football field. This lady needs to take her body seriously and hit the gym and stop eating junk food.


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edX 2 weeks ago

The point here is that the young and the clueless tend to emulate all these pop-star nonsense, NOT males middle aged news presenters. That is why this miley whatever featuring this fat girl promotes it. Personally, this miley is a debauched slut herself and promotes sexual promiscuity and braindead living. But that is the west now. The rest of us who have culture should tune out the west.

honorin 3 weeks ago

fat people have less wrinkles than slim ones because their skin is stretched. That's why they look younger

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