Dude throws the first punch, gets put to sleep instantly

Here's a confrontation caught on camera where a guy throws the first punch, but then he gets put to sleep instantly. He's knocked OUT cold and could barely get up! Don't throw the first punch if you can't back it up. Yoda would be like "Strike first, strike hard, this guy did not!"


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Re:fuck the blacks 1 week ago

Shut up chump

Me 1 week ago

The guy who’s saying f-ck the blacks you probably got your girl taken by one small d-ck go crawl under your hole and use that gun to paint your brains on the wall

Judge 1 week ago

OMG the guy filming is a wierdo. Lack of humanity.

Fuck the blacks 1 week ago

Little pussies crowd around him. I would've shot them all after they made contact.

edXpussy 1 week ago

stfu edX you dumb ass snowflake p-ssy

waahboohoo 4 weeks ago

would have been nice to know what the argument was all about.
he got what he deserved though it appears from just what we know from the vid

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