Rude Customer at Starbucks in Hot Outfit Causes Scene!

It's safe to say that everyone out there is nuts, or spoiled, or entitled, or lacking of human decency and basic respect. This customer at Starbucks can't handle that her order was either wrong or heard wrong and she throws a tantrum like a 3 year old while people in the store laugh!


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John 1 day ago

They can't communicate because the workers are wearing the useless face diapers that cause RSV disease and do nothing to stop Corona according to about a half a dozen scientific studies completed within the last 2 years.

LGB 4 weeks ago

That’s a man, for sure.

A. Landmesser 4 weeks ago

Reminds me of the head of HR at State Department, except this woman is bond and the State b-tch wore a hairpiece.

the one 4 weeks ago

yep she a wigger

FML 4 weeks ago

That hip to waist ratio.... that's a man

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