Woman claims losing weight is rooted in fat phobia

Here is an example of someone who's right to vote and use the Internet should be revoked. She did several videos talking about how losing weight, even if it's related to health issues, is rooted in fat phobia. No lady, it's just not healthy to be morbidly obese. Every health professional out there will tell you this. It has nothing to do with fat phobia and everything to do with YOU living a healthy lifestyle for the sake of your own body. We are not supposed to be morbidly obese. Do you want to be healthy or no? If not, then stay fat. If you want to have a better life, then eat good and hit the gym and find ways to alleviate stress in your life. It's like these people are just so lazy that they'll come up with any excuse to NOT make an effort to better their lives. I really just don't know how these people make such stupid videos. Don't they ever watch the video and be like "wow, that sounds really stupid" and how are they even allowed to vote at this point?

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edX 1 week ago

I have fatphobia, meaning, i don't want to get fat.

And the reason why i don't want to get fat is because i would look like crap if i did. And that is because my features take a backseat to all the blubber on my face. Also, it is unhealthy, it makes you lethargic, you might aim wrongly when taking a sh-t, you can't reach your ass or much of your back when showering, you take up too much space in the aisle, you need to do a whole load of acrobatics to use the small toilet in planes, when you fart, the gas gets stuck halfway and doesn't come out...or makes a really loud noise trying to navigate past all that blubber, and if we are attacked by aliens you'll find it difficult to run away, or get up a hill quick enough if there was a flash flood.

So all of that is phobia of the consequences of getting fat. If you think there is another meaning, you need to cut down on happy meals and strange jabs. I heard it makes you stupid.

Geoseppi 2 weeks ago

God these people are insane. Lady, I aint afraid of your fatness, I don't want the stench when you move the rolls. And men don't have large enough members to get to you for s*x. Lose some weight.

honorin 2 weeks ago

being obese is a good way to avoid r*pes

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

"You can be fat and still be healthy." (Not the exact quote, but that was the idea.) Well, sort of, I guess. Like, I have diabetes, but I still manage to get along pretty well. That doesn't make diabetes a good and healthy thing. When doctors come out with medicines to treat diabetes I don't scream "Diabetes-phobia! You're attacking people like me who have diabetes!" No, I use the medicines that seem to best control my diabetes.
"There are many mountain climbers who are fat." No, there aren't. Maybe there are a few people who might barely be considered to be "mountain climbers" who are overweight, but being fat is simply not consistent with being a great mountain climber. Pretending that you can be morbidly obese and be an Olympic athlete is just a delusion.

Bkoz 3 weeks ago

It’s not fat phobia.
It’s heart attack phobia
It’s clogged artery phobia.
It’s shortness of breath phobia.
It’s not fitting in an airline seat phobia.
It’s a need to have your clothes made by dressmakers, not tent makers.

Fetid01 3 weeks ago

Don't wait for a cerebral blood clot to end your life. Kill yourself NOW!

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