Woman tried feeding decoy ducks, was not very happy right after

A woman wandered into a duck hunt area and walked up to the water to feed some ducks, but didn't realize they were decoys for the hunters. The hunters tried to warn her about it and she didn't seem very happy to hear they were fake. She muttered off at the mouth a little bit and walked away as the hunters told her to have a good day. Good thing they let her know and she wasn't wearing camo, she could have ended up getting Cheney'd! The video was posted by Kyle Dixon on TikTok, follow him there!

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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Dr Smith 3 weeks ago

Dementia !

Nabi 3 weeks ago

Unnecessarily killing birds. It really is a sucky 'sport'.

Noneya 3 weeks ago

What an idiot!

JASON 3 weeks ago

Does she think the duck in the grocery she suggested wasn't killed?

Empty 3 weeks ago

Am I wrong, or was that purple hair?

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

. prob apregnent duck with an alien peace keeper blm fetus inside that poor DUCK , save good feelings fool put the gun down

Marbran 3 weeks ago

"Buy it in Wegman's. You are murderers."

Obviously, she votes Democrat.

Capt Terrific 3 weeks ago


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