CNN's Don Lemon may have flopped NYE to start 2023

CNN's Don Lemon seems like he was distracted and missed the moment that it went from 2022 to 2023 in the Central Time Zone. Some people are wondering how CNN is still in business when they seem to be either out of touch or doing a bad job in general.

Deadline reported:

Network host Don Lemon was busy dancing to Juvenile’s sentimental “Back That Azz Up” and missed the changeover into the new year. Lemon was busy throwing beads to his fellow dancers, then mumbled something about the countdown just after midnight. As the song continued, viewers were treated to shots of celebrations elsewhere in the Central time zone, all as New Orleans seemed oblivious to the moment.

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big gay sean 3 weeks ago

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shut up daniel 3 weeks ago

no one cares about grammar, dude.

Daniel Maniel 3 weeks ago

Impressive that in a news blurb 4 sentences long, you managed to pull off 4 grammatical errors. So I guess Crankers flopped as well.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

He has never got anything right,worthless always

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