Woman defends Buffalo Blizzard looters because White People stole the land

A woman goes off the rail to defend looters targeting Buffalo stores during a historic blizzard that has left people dead. She starts talking about how the white man stole the land and that stealing and looting is acceptable, suggesting that taking a big screen television from a store is considered essential to survive.

There's a really great chance this lady is a far left Democrat and probably still waiting for reparations.

May we remind you that it is illegal to steal no matter what the weather situation is. This is another fine gem found by LibsofTikTok. Follow them on Twitter for more!


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The Admiral 1 month ago

Just guessing here... but this lady looks like she has 1 parent who is a "Q-Tip/Mayo Monster"

Anonymous 1 month ago


JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII 1 month ago

Anybody ever seen a white person loot?

AcmeCorportation 1 month ago

How does this racist know that the looted stores weren’t owned by POC?

Rick 1 month ago

wow, no racism there.........

Uncle A. 1 month ago


Ghost_of_Colin_Flaherty videos on Gab.

Dana 1 month ago

The Tree of Liberty, will be refreshed soon.

Ricardo 1 month ago

Humbling to see her brain in overdrive.

Sean 1 month ago

So outrages to read people actually believe this dribble. She is a perfect example of the " brain drain" effect on Buffalo. People with education and brains got the hell out of Buffalo.

Doug 1 month ago

Why do we care what some "woke woman" thinks? Waste of space.

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