Lady suffers meltdown over ambulance blocking bike lane

Some lady is suffering a major meltdown and freaking out because an ambulance is blocking the bike lane. As you can tell in the video, there is PLENTY of space for the woman to ride the bike around the ambulance or to go on the sidewalk, but instead she takes time out of her day to record herself having the most hilarious meltdown ever. This is so embarrassing for cyclists. She was also on Twitter saying there was no emergency and people were mocking her left and right, as they should because this is such an insane overreaction to a first responder blocking her way. Imagine treating first responders like this! HOW DARE SHE!!!

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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Scaldyballs 3 weeks ago

First responders should be allowed park anywhere

John bean 3 weeks ago

Poor women needs a good ride

KODA 3 weeks ago


Moondog 3 weeks ago

A real freakin Karen

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