Cop vs guy with a meat cleaver - who ya got?


A sheriff’s department in California has released a deputy’s bodycam footage following the fatal shooting of a man bearing a meat cleaver and claiming to be the “Antichrist.” “I’m putting the kickstand down, bro. I’m [the] Antichrist,” Kenneth Scott Wallis, who was riding a bike around, told a deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 12, according to the video of the scene. Department officials said that a deputy from the Cabazon Station stopped Wallis around 3:30 p.m. the day of the incident in an unincorporated region of Riverside County as he was riding his bike down the wrong side of the street, according to Fox 11. Read more here!


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Wat Tyler 1 week ago

So riding down the wrong side of the street is now a capital offense. Geezus, what cop stops a cyclist for riding down the wrong side of a street? I could see it on a busy street, but zero cars here?
As to the cyclist, wtf was he thinking? Let the cop give you a talking to and be on your way.
Our society is garbage.

Vetmike 4 weeks ago

Never bring a meat cleaver to a gun fight.

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