Tesla struggles to charge in cold weather, left man stranded

I don't know if this is an issue with all Teslas, but I do know my phone battery dies in the cold, so it makes sense to me. When you look this up on Tesla's website, it says the following: "In extremely cold weather or icy conditions, it is possible that your charge port latch may freeze in place. In cases where you cannot remove or insert the charge cable, or the vehicle is not Supercharging due to the latch being frozen in place, use the Defrost Car setting in the mobile app."

The Sun reported:

This Tesla owner, Domenick Nati, noted: “Yesterday I tried this (charging his vehicle), and it (Model S) said (to) wait for the battery to warm up.

“I have had the car running with the climate control; we tried to charge in my house, it (Model S) won’t let me.

“So there’s no way to charge this battery or let it warm up in the cold.”

Domenick is shown demonstrating his charging challenges in his TikTok video.


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