Porch Pirate picks the wrong house to rob, had no idea what was waiting for him

The YouTube account 'Community Security' shared a video of a man's house that was rigged with a bait package that included a blank shotgun shell that would explode once the porch pirate tried to steal the package. Little did the thief know he'd probably need a new pair of underwear after this failed attempt at stealing. The video description on YouTube said the following: "Absolutely disgusted with how we have to live here in California. Criminals are all over the place and enjoy all the advantages the liberal State gives them. Meanwhile, the police have their hands tied and the courts just keep letting more criminals back into our communities. Well no more Mr. nice guy - It's time to fight back!"


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Deguello 1 month ago

Needs to fire a net and release a swarm of bees…yeah, bees, that’s the ticket.

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