Chaos breaks out in France, multiple cars tipped over

It looks like they're having an absolutely WILD day as cars are getting tipped over in France during a protest. One guy even carries a large piece of lumber and appears to swing it at something. Have you ever been that mad that you grabbed a giant piece of wood to slam into someone's car or something else? Reuters reported the following:
Clashes broke out for a second day in Paris on Saturday between police and Kurdish protestors angry at the killing of three members of their community by a gunman.

Cars were overturned, at least one vehicle was burned, shop windows were damaged and small fires set alight near Republic Square, a traditional venue for demonstrations where Kurds earlier held a peaceful protest.

Paris police chief Laurent Nunez said there had been a sudden violent turn in the protest but it was not yet clear why.

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nice guy 4 weeks ago

f-ck the government for letting these f-cks in kill them all

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