Nikki Haley rips bad Biden policies in latest video drop

Nikki Haley posted a video that mocked President Joe Biden and bad policies she believes are no good. Nikki Haley also posted this quote to go with it: "Biden’s policies have been a disaster for hardworking Americans. Many are struggling to fill their gas tanks, heat their homes, and feed their families. So why am I optimistic about the new year? Because conservatives have solutions that will lift EVERYONE up."

What will Nikki Haley actually do about it though? Is there anything she can do to stop Biden's bad policies?


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71819 1 month ago

Nikki Haley is a jew globalist controlled by the WEF. Biden is a retard dementia patient controlled by the WEF. They are all just playing games, not a single person needs to "wake up" to this sh-t going on, we all see it and arent stupid. Playing into the games is why we are all here. It takes violence to get america out of what it is currently in

BTB 1 month ago

Republicans just rolled over and died . …….. should have not funded anything until Coward Joe closed the border . Your message is laughable

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