Florida Mistress asks commissioners to approve dungeon built with taxpayer money


A Florida woman wants taxpayers to divert funds to build a special room where she could practice adult sessions. The lady describes herself as a latex mistress, and she thinks that the waste disposal contact is far less important than her build-a-kinky-room project - all to be paid for by the taxpayers!

KTLA sister station WFLA reports that the woman wanted to speak her mind while Fort Lauderdale City Commissioners were considering a $906,500 waste disposal contract. The so-called Miss Crave, accompanied by two women dressed in high stiletto boots, and latex hoods, approached the microphone.

To begin with, the lady said that it was OK for the council people to call her mistress. It was all up and down hill from there!


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edX 4 days ago

Send them to Alcatraz.

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