U.S. Postal Service to buy 66,000 electric vehicles

WUSA9 reported: "the postal service announced it's buying 66-thousand electric vehicles. It's ordering 45-thousand electric "next generation delivery vehicles." I can't wait for these vehicles to suffer all the same problems that other EV's have. They take long to charge, they aren't good in the winter when the heater is needed and could drain the battery. It just sounds like a bad time to mass deploy electric vehicles. And, what will they do when the battery needs to be replaced and costs anywhere from $20,000 or more? Spend more money on that, too?

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Bob Ol 5 days ago

Why not buy 50 and see how they work out delivering mail, but no! Lets buy 45 thousand to start and see what happens. It's not like it is your money you are spending, right?

FlirtingWD 4 weeks ago

Disaster waiting to happen.

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