Walmart Woman defies authority, gets blasted with the taser

Looks like we've got another Walmart Karen on our hands and this one refused to listen to authority, so you know what happens next! She gets blasted by the taser and hits the floor hard, then some pole smacks her upside the head too. Gotta love to see these heathens knocked senseless one way or another! Maybe they'll learn how to act in public one day.


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Nonee Yabee 1 week ago

That was terrific!

Dick head 1 month ago

That taser will shock you into reality quickly

Dindu 1 month ago

Stop using "karen" it's racist towards white women.

Unless you call all black men Leroys

guys... 1 month ago

turn your ad blockers off. that's why it's cutting out.

Doug 1 month ago

Click bait.. You don't show anything.

Harry Palms 1 month ago

It keeps cutting off after about 8 seconds on mine.

omar 1 month ago


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