Why did America give up prolific arms dealer for a WNBA player?

Peter Doocy says to KJP: In this [Brittney Griner] prisoner swap, why did Russia get such a better deal? … They gave up a professional athlete, we gave up a prolific arms dealer." That's right! The American people deserve answers and KJP says to remember that Brittney Griner is an American citizen. Yeah, but it's a basketball player for an ARMS DEALER - at what point is that an even trade? HELLO WORST TRADE EVER!!!!!


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TennRides 1 month ago

This shows the clearly incompetent nature of this entire administration!!! Sure, she is an American citizen, but she HATES AMERICA!!! She should have stayed in prison, rather than release a VERY dangerous criminal, that will lead to many deaths, including American citizens!!! How out of touch does a president have to be before people wake up and realize none of this would have happened if Trump was still in the WH? Fools!!!

Michael 1 month ago

We have n anti American, brain dead, dingle berry, who stole an election in the Whire House.

Dave 1 month ago

KJP is totally clueless and quite frankly a liar to the American people

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