Dude says it's his 'Day 271' of being a Woman without a Uterus!

The internet is a wild and crazy place, but it made this guy rich! Can you imagine throwing on the makeup every morning? Wow, that daily routine must be crazy for a woman without a uterus! if you couldn't tell by now, this is a guy dressed up as a woman. I know those fake eyelashes stand out from a mile away and his busted voice is a giveaway, right? RIGHT!!!!


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edX 2 weeks ago

271 Days of being a man without a brain.

Short Shari 2 weeks ago

Not liking this man has nothing to do with it. What I don't like is a MAN in womanface wearing typically female clothing ACTING like he's a "woman". This facade is insulting to biological women and in many cases is outright dangerous for us in our safe, woman only spaces. This lie that they ARE women has got to stop with honest, truthful discussion.

Ed 1 month ago

China is going to utterly a55 rape this country like a pile driver on a watermelon

Professor 1 month ago

Tylenol "causes" Autism. If it causes autism in a fetus then I say it causes disphoria and homosexuality.....

Carl Dene 1 month ago

f-cking grifting piece of sh-t. Boring and predictable, and not funny. Id hit that tho, for the record.

make it shut up 1 month ago

I hate these people

MyOwnOpinion 1 month ago

Serious mental illness

Leroy jenkins 1 month ago

We black men love these sissy white things.

Bob Cratchet 1 month ago

Why doesn’t he say he’s a woman with a penis? Words have meaning, controlling the language establishes a narrative. Just keep pushing back with the correct language. He is a man, a confused one, but a man.

Crotte 1 month ago

You can't fix stupidity!!!!

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