Guy caught shoplifting tries saying the worst excuse

Dude gets caught shoplifting, sounds like he drops the "I Can't Breathe" line. Sounds like the guy just wanted to get away from being caught stealing, but that probably ain't gonna work. This is what happens when the Democrats are soft on crime and people think they can just walk into a store and steal whatever they want. Now some people are taking justice into their own hands and catching the delinquents when they can.


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J.E.E.K. 1 month ago

Why is nearly every story bothering with politics? ... stating wild claims without any foundations or citations, just pure pigeonhole thinking - just wondering.

Sigh 1 month ago

Why does race and politics have to be brought into everything???

CommonSense 1 month ago

Shouting at the top of your lungs "I can't breath" make you an idiot.

Leroy jenkins 1 month ago

He should use our phrase "dindu nuffin man"

t 1 month ago

I is black all yall no we don'ts do dat yo

BKMart 1 month ago

Why do the Amish think our laws don't pertain to them?

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