Dirty Dozen: Chip Roy points out 12 'stupid, or deceitful' Republicans

Chip Roy was asked about the so-called Respect for Marriage Act that will eventually get to President Joe Biden’s desk and said the following: “It’s purposefully undermining religious liberty. The 12 senate Republicans who voted for it in the senate are either stupid, or deceitful.” Wikipedia described the bill as this: "The Respect for Marriage Act, abbreviated as RFMA (H.R. 8404), is a bill in the United States Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), require the U.S. federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex and interracial marriages in the United States, and to protect religious liberty."

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Sid 1 month ago

Or both

Ollie 1 month ago

I agree with Chip! The DemoRATS use misleading titles to socialist or woke bills.

A A Man 1 month ago

No they are not stupid.
They are not deceitful, that's being polite
They are flat out liars, evil and need to be snapped like the rats that they are.

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