10 minute video exposes hypocrite Democrats

If you ever wondered about Democrats saying some of the same things Republicans might have said, then here's a video provided by the TXGop. This is a compilation video that shows a handful of statements made by Democrats, so it might be a little in and out of context. Either way, it's for entertainment purposes for us, but take it as you will for YOU. I think you'll see a lot of hypocrites in the video!


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fat women are sows 1 month ago

These losers

Seemingly 1 month ago

Very true

england alan 1 month ago

trump won fairly biden stole the election trumps a god to us british

Randall 1 month ago

It is amazing how much footage was found about the "dims" complaining. So some red states began ensuring voter fraud was not an issue and made the election process more secure which helped to eliminate voter suppression.

They all made claims of voter fraud and stolen elections, but after the installment of Joe Biden, Mike Lindell took the lead to prove that it was, in fact, stolen from Trump. During which a mathematician clearly and boldly stated that it was mathematically impossible for Biden to have won. Computer activity revealed that several votes were turned in the middle of the night. I feel that we should do entirely away with electronic voting and use only a paper trail.

The one thing that I have learned from the 'dims" is that we, as republicans, should be more proactive before each election to solicit votes, knowing that we are not obtaining them simply for the vote, but to "make America great again!

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