Woman Explains Why Men and Women are Different

Do you believe that Men and Women are Different, or is that just a conspiracy?


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edX 1 day ago

It would be good without the cuts between sentences. There is a reason there is punctuation you know. Oh, i better explain. The purpose of punctuation is not only so that sentences are intelligible, but also so that people can have space to think about what you are saying as you take a pause for a breath. Part of interaction is contributing to what is being said with thoughts and consideration. Without this space, people are just led to mindlessly suck up without thought and just react in agreement and disagreement. That just leaves expression without more ideas being generated. This is a frequent strategy by news and entertainment media, and has been used purposefully even more so the last 2 decades.

That said, the nurturing capacity of women is nurtured due to their ability to give birth. That leads to the development of empathy, compassion, love, devotion, and reason as they care for the child. This in turn feeds back onto men, whom nourished by this, are able to detect evil outside due to its great contrast to the traditional woman. That is why he takes issue with it, and the progress of evil is compromised.

It is this dialectic between men and women that has produced philosophy, reason, revolutions, religions, and steered all forward movement toward good whenever evil does not have its way. Hence, one can say that gender distinctions, and the family, are the greatest institutions of the ongoing project of Democracy.

God gave Men the Woman, Wife, and Mother, that she may open Humanity's eyes to God. That is why God made Eve from Adam's Rib, as the ribs serve to protect the heart of humanity. That is the meaning behind that story.


That is the Divine Formula.

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jay 1 month ago

@kniles: Yes. Two things can have equal value without being identical and interchangeable. Suppose you go to the store and find that the price of light bulbs and the price of oranges is the same. They have the same value. Does that mean you can use an orange to light your house or eat a light bulb? Of course not. Likewise, the fact that two things are not identical does not mean that one is better or more important than the other. Usually this is a nonsense question. Which is more important, an orange or a light bulb? That depends whether you are hungry or need light. One isn't better than the other. They're just different.

KNiles 1 month ago

I think this will send most brainlets into a fit because of the word "equal" used and they will think she means "not of equal value". Which she doesn't. Just that they aren't identical or the same.

Yes, we - like almost all animals down to many bugs have biological roles and it is absurd that this world has started to do it's best to ignore biology, driven by the opinions that were formed every since we stopped having asylums for insane people.

eddiex 2 months ago

Women being natural born nurturers due to the ability of womankind to give birth are more endowed in empathy, humility, love, compassion, and other such beautiful traits when they aren't deviated from this by the evil corporation. That is why they are perfect moral beacons of civilisation.

Being such, they are perfectly fit for impressing upon men the idea of good in its purity through their own exemplary selves. It is because of that they men can go out and recognise evil for what it is and due to its contrast with the great good that women are. And that is what leads to the production of revolutions, fight against evil elitists, evil itself, the burgeoning of religion, philosophy, amongst many others.

If women were to join men in 'employment' and being exploited, that will strip women of their natural-born virtue as moral beacons. And then men will cease to be able to recognise evil for what it is outside. And that is when civilisation will collapse as we know it and evil will reign supreme and in perpetuity.

And this, the evil corporation is now achieving through the indoctrination of the young for the past 40 years toward anti-humanity/marriage/love/heterosexuality/religion/etc in the west, and through them, the world.


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