This video has people shaking their darn heads

Maybe we should have banned TikTok after-all. We got this shit breathing heathen of a woman rubbing who knows what all over her body. Is that cow poop? I have no idea, but she's fuckin gross and I'm pretty sure no one is gonna try this one at home. Hope not!


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Loko 1 month ago

thats a true trump voter, covered in sh-t. classic

Anonymous 1 month ago

I love her.

Coprophiliac’s Anonymous Chairperson.

WatchesFreaks 1 month ago

ego into remission ..... ???

you're f-cked up! thank you for sharing

Nick 1 month ago

f-ck trump. Death to all trumps.

KNiles 2 months ago

Oh I'm sure this will be celebrated as cultural difference in the future. Right to religious beliefs and smearings of sh-t and all that

Eddie 2 months ago

Live your life as you see, fit, you sh-t invested woman

DildoBaggins 2 months ago

Is she wearing blackface?


the one and only K 2 months ago

and to think somewhere someone is turned on by this let that think in for a second your welcome have a nice day

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