Try not to laugh while watching this video

If I had to sit through this video, then so do you. Do not turn this video off. I want you to hear every note this man toots in his little horn or whatever the heck that thing may be. YOU MUST SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US!


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Htos1av 2 weeks ago

I was kid too at this time. Just before my teens. I guess it ain't bragging if you can do it down to the last note in key. Yep, my first time was via Carson. Meaning it was a Friday night broadcast and I was still up.

Anonymous 1 month ago

The president at a board meeting

england alan 2 months ago

tiny tim was a massive talent nothing to be ridiculed he was diffrent in the music scene in his era was a breath of fresh air

Randall 2 months ago

Tiny Tim was a small-time legend and was even on the Johnny Carson show. I was a young boy at the time of his popularity and I only watched him so I might possibly see how he gained any popularity or why people clapped for him. He is now passed.

Matt 2 months ago

Congratulations to me. I did not laugh.

eddiex 2 months ago

White people need to go get themselves a real culture.

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