Long list of lefties who praised guilty criminal Michael Avenatti

Look at all the leftists who praised Michael Avenatti and even touted him as a 2020 presidential contender. Instead, Michael Avenatti is being shipped to prison for many years for stealing millions from his clients. This is the kind of person Democrats were praising and having on their TV shows. What a joke! I can't believe these hosts talked to him like he was a good guy. He's a lawyer, a lot of them are scummy in one way or another, no offense. There's a lot of GREAT honorable lawyers out there, but Michael Avenatti is not one of them and he just tarnished the reputation of other lawyers. They should be mad at him.

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Jan Radford 3 weeks ago

Egg on all their faces are well deserved by these lefties now it alls Ha Ha

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