Rutgers professor speaks out about white people

Christopher Rufo posted this video and message on Twitter: "Rutgers professor says that "white people are committed to being villains" and falsely claims that Africans arrived in North America before white Europeans. "Whiteness is going to have an end date," she warns. "We gotta take these muthaf*ckers out." The professor then says she does not support violence, but offers more insight on her views on white people and whiteness. I'm pretty sure a white person can't say the same things without getting "cAncelEd"


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fat women are sows 2 months ago

fat ignorant pig

LeaderofthePack 3 months ago

A babbling example of diabetes, racism and ignorance.

WTF? 3 months ago

someone shoot this Chubby chick a link to WorldStar & then let her see what would happen if blacks were in power

Anonymous 3 months ago

What this dumb black b-tch fails to know is millions of white people were shipped from all over the world and enslaved in Europe. And the funny thing is that most of the slave traders were black. This never gets mentioned on any media source. f-cking dumb c-nt.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Africans enslaved their own kind and sold them to slavery.nancy pelosi wore a "traditional" kente cloth of ashanti tribe.Guess what made ashanti tribe rich beyond measure? SLAVE TRADE.also, JEWS own all banks,media,newspapers etc THEY decide what goes on, they were behind everything and all this "white people are to blame of everything" is based on the JEWS hating WHITES, and USING stupid "professors" like the one in video to cause hatred towards Whites.Anti-Whiteism, and pure RACISM towards us when HISTORICAL FACTS state we are not the cause of any of that BS.Not a single white person living today is to blame of AFRICANS ENSLAVING AFRICANS AND SELLING THEM TO SLAVERY. HISTORY FACTS SAY WHITES WERE ENSLAVED MORE THAN AFRICANS, the IRISH.Look it up. Whites are TODAY 2022 Enslaved, but none speaks of it.Africans enslave Africans 2022 but none of these "professors" speak of it or want to do anything to stop it.They only want benefits, money squeezed off of a spreaded White guilt. African average IQ is 80, which is considered mentally retarded in Europe.That is the reason why people in Africa still make huts out of elephant feces, and plates they eat from, out of Guano, bat feces. Dont blame us, go make your own continent rich, WORK, instead of causing over 51% of murders in USA despite being only about 13% of population.Gang rape was not even known in Europe until refugees from Africa arrived. This idiot "professor" may cause someone attack whites, like before has already happened, black guy in several cases murdered white children in their home yards.
FIRE this racist hate spewing anti-white idiot NOW!!!

Belinda Foster 3 months ago

You harbor Ill will towards white people? I’m sorry you wear the scars of the chains that white people have enslaved you with. You need to seek the Lord to help you overcome your prejudice. I don’t think we have had slavery since the 1800’s… need to find some other reason to hate white people now. If you choose to hate…..there will never be equality in the races. I never owned a black person or knowingly mistreated a black person. Why do you want to hurt me?

Tama 3 months ago

I’m sick of these black racists

Irene Kennedy 3 months ago

Give me a break! You people of color are pushing your skewed ideas about white privilege and white dominance. Listening to you makes my stomach hurt, when you say you are going to take over and end white supremacy. You are being fed a bunch of crap from the mainstream media propaganda. You sound like a militant black who hates white people and you don’t even know me!! I feel sorry that you have such hate in you. I will pray for your ignorance to take leave.

Nick Comer 3 months ago

Her ignorance of history snd reality 8d astounding.
Needs to be fired immediately.

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