Alyssa Milano needed therapy over Twitter, gets mocked by The View


"Never ever read the comments [on Twitter]," co-host Sunny Hostin advises at the beginning of the clip.

"I always read the comments. Who doesn't read the comments?" Milano countered.

"Do you turn the comments off?" she asked co-host Joy Behar.

"No," Behar answered. "I just don't read them. I'm not interested unless it's somebody that I respect."

"I left [Twitter]," co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in.

"Listen, I've spent many, many days with my therapist talking about Twitter and social media," Milano said.

"Because of what some anonymous person said to you?" Hostin asked.

"Yeah, it's hurtful," Milano answered.

"Somebody who doesn't know you, hasn't met you, doesn't know your family, doesn't know you, doesn't know anything about you?" Goldberg asked.

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Shaun Vader 3 months ago

I resent it the most when its the truth.

Enword G. Robbinsome 3 months ago

What leftist crap. Your emotions are under your control. Comments cannot hurt you. You choose to be hurt.

Euragone 3 months ago

Sticks and Stones....

waahboohoo 3 months ago

Stop wasting good oxygen and drink a hemlock milkshake

fred 3 months ago

She's a worthless woke elitist liberal socialist!! Who cares what she says!!

Tim 3 months ago

She's not smart

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