Biological male promotes Eos lotion brand with 'gal pals' on his chest

This is Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male promoting the Eos brand, which appears to be lotion he wants to rub on his chest, otherwise known as his 'gal pals.' This is repulsive and insulting to real women who were born with real breasts. Both Ulta and Eos should be ashamed of themselves for supporting biological males who are pretending to be women, when there are MILLIONS of real women out there they can use to promote their products. Women all over social media are furious at Eos for allowing this to happen, saying it's like Eos is trying to erase real women by replacing them with men.


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Professor 2 days ago

Will it work on my MOOBS?

edX 4 days ago

I've got boobies too. They used to be called 'knees'.

RiNS 1 month ago

Not sure if I should upvote video as a nod to fellow who posted it or diwnvote it for being so f-cken stupid..,

Dindu 2 months ago

Kill it with fire

Joffray 2 months ago


Morggen 2 months ago

This guy is trolling.. has to be..for money.
Otherwise hes a fckin liberal frewk, should be send to the middle-east.

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