Woman says white students shouldn't be in multicultural center

Some college student is suggesting that there are too many white students in the multicultural center, but isn't that what it means to be multicultural? It includes everyone. Duh.


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Arlen 16 hours ago

Gotta keep that racism going somehow, I suppose.

Scaldyballs 1 month ago

Awwww am I not allowed in there cos Im white and Irish (real Irish not american)

the one 1 month ago

kill it

WTF? 1 month ago

Can someone as ignorant & this chick really be in college? Doesn't she know that "white" is not a culture rather a color? I'm white in color but multi-cultural in ethnicity (german & american indian) so clearly I can use this space. advice: stop eating & actually learn something while in school..

Snoop dog 2 months ago


Snoop dog 2 months ago

Yes this student apparently is having trouble understanding what multi means in multicultural . must be Black History studies .

Joffray 2 months ago

Shut the hell up Karen, and stick to the curriculum, shove your CRT and equity.

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