Mohawk Karen has epic melt down and it gets WILD

Ever see someone with really bad hair have an absolutely epic meltdown? Well this happened and it was all caught on camera. Her hair is just atrocious and she needs to do something about that!


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Dindu 1 month ago

Karen is a derogatory term for white women used by self hating white trash.

Karen 1 month ago

Stfu kunta you not going to do anything. With your keyboard warrior a-s. You probably got the same hairstyle.

Kunta 1 month ago

Y'all laugh and talk sh-t because her hair is different and not up to society's approved standards, and everyone gets a laugh to make yourselves feel like you belong. Has anyone tried to hear what her reason is for wanting to leave? She wants off because everyone thinks they are better, and they are laughing at her and calling her names! I bet she lives a happier life than most of you self righteous p*ssys that still need mommy's nipple! I would enjoy making each one of you insecure nip sucking boys cry like little b-tches!

Dindu 2 months ago

Karen is now a racist word directed towards white women.

Imagine calling all black men Leroy.......4 Leroys destroying mc ds drive through. Would be banned

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