Dude with facial hair wearing a dress

Does anyone see it? You know, the facial hair on this guy while he's wearing a dress? I don't care if you want to dress up like a woman, but do NOT tell me to call you a woman. You're a dude in a dress, not a woman, so let's just put that out there for everyone with working brain cells, OK?


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edX 3 days ago

Who's the asscrevice who did the video. What's with all the cut frames?

Cut frames stop people from considering what is being said on the fly. It just focuses attention on what's being shown whilst stopping thought and inciting mere reaction. It's a strategy employed by Jewllywood for the past few decades to indoctrinate a few generations into reaction-over-thought. Crapheads.

Racklefratz 2 weeks ago

The problem with this clown isn't the dress - it's the dysfunctional brain, or what passes for one, that's the problem. This will never become a productive member of society - it'll always be just a pathetic waste of O2.

RecognizingTruth 2 weeks ago

Dude, dude, dude is not a lady.

Tough S. O. B. 2 weeks ago

Ahhh hahaha. Fat azz nutjob. Please stay in nutty California.

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