Feminists screaming and....

Hey, where was my invite to this awesome party? I would have been the only guy there hanging out with all these women dressed like ancient natives. Party would have been LIT. Also, there's enough bush in this video to bring back the 1990's.


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edX 1 day ago

i'm wondering why there is an increasing spate of white women feeling the need to take their clothes off to protest? And yet, when you naturally gawk at them, they call it 'sexual harassment'. It is men whom are being sexually harassed to the point of being stimulated by these fembimbos.

And why do men have to put the toilet seat down anyway. Why can't these feminuts put it down after? This is subtle femdominism, and personally, i don't put up with that, ever, and never will.

Anonymous 1 week ago

oops i forgot to put the toilet seat back down

Trim 1 week ago

Yoko Ono's backing singers

Anonymous 1 week ago

As a former toddler, I can understand their frustration.

VietVetInOhio 1 week ago

Wishing I was there.

Ratty 1 week ago

Women are going crazy all over the world for men that they are now STRIPPING and yelling to get your attention, MEN!!

KeepTehMemesCooming 1 week ago

Proof womyn don't roar. They mew. xD xD xD

Disgusted 1 week ago

Are they demon-possessed? I didnt see any penises so no transeez were envited?

Jerry 1 week ago

Algo podemos sacar en claro, que por lo visto, y a las pruebas del video me remito, las feministas no se depilan. :D

Vetmike 4 weeks ago

Looks like a Haka done very badly.

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