OMG Karen stomps her feet in Pizza Hut and loses her mind

These Karens just don't quit! This lady screaming up a storm must think she's about to get the perfect pizza now. Oh heck no! She's finna catch some ball hair in that pie.


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edX 1 week ago

Why has the video been cut between the time she was talking to the guy and when she got aggressive? The context of the video is too unclear for taking sides.

Colt Baldwin 1 month ago

A spokesperson for The National a55ociation Of Toddlers has issued a statement of support for her.

Professor 1 month ago

Stop acting like a groid! you post menapausal pudenda! Your making all Caucasians look bad. Go home, slap and spit on your fourth husband, have a stiff drink with a xanax and go to sleep

Dindu 1 month ago

Stop using the term Karen it's derogatory towards white don't call black women "shanaenaes"

hayzues 1 year ago


Anonymous 1 year ago

Some people. Throw a fit, cuss people out, and then want someone else to get in trouble for you acting an ass. Eat the pizza….we’ll wait

Drastic 1 year ago

Same thing here dude. Throw me some fucking pizzas and fuck off, Karen!

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

How come no one throws pizza at me? I'd catch and dash, bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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