Girls Yelling F-ck Joe Biden is the most American thing ever

Joe Biden should take notice of all the people who don't like him.

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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Quid Pro Quo Joe 3 weeks ago

I now have hope for the future.

Dindu 1 month ago

Joe the kiddy sniffin crack smoking crypt keeper.

Udontwannaknome 1 year ago

Great to see the younger generation waking up to the fact that politicians could care less about them. Politicians care about one thing, enriching themselves, especially the bidens

Shaliquifa Onyu 1 year ago

i is offended yo

Joe Biden 1 year ago

Let's Go Brandon!!!

Dontrell 1 year ago

Look at all the snowflakes below me with their hurt feels.

Bedrnu 1 year ago

Disrespectful American trash! China, Russia & North Korea should straight up nuke you ignorant pigs! You all are so stupid, you have no clue about your own damn history! Racist pedophile white trash the lot of you! t("_"t)

awwww 1 year ago

she chanted she f-cked her brother right after this chant

WhoCares 1 year ago

Yeah, so American..

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