She probably gonna get in trouble for this dumb video

People in uniform shouldn't be making videos of themselves while in uniform.


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Dindu 2 months ago

Women are a disadvantage in war but destroying the west from the inside is almost complete.agenda 2030

Black vet 1 year ago

Thank you. I respect you so much. keep doing what you doing making life safer for everyone. people need to understand preparing for a war or hoping for one is not what they really want to experience. so like she said chose your words and actions carefully

poldecrossmol 1 year ago

Is this toothpick really in the army ?

EnochLovecraft 1 year ago

Get the f-ck out of the military! Dumb dyke!

Robert Paulson 1 year ago

That boy seems angry

Punisher_1 1 year ago

Clearly the person making the orginal video is off then this lesbian ho has not clue as well as we just got removed by goat herders with 40 year old worn out AKs. My guess this twat is logistics and sh-t.

Anonymous 1 year ago

shes is right

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