Absolutely Insane woman gives ridiculous conspiracy theory

This chick is just fucking nuts. You can tell she ain't playing with a full deck. She needs to take that hat off because she's giving the rest of us a bad look.


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Charles Lee Ray 1 month ago

Now that thousands are dropping dead every day ...

Anonymous 3 months ago

but shes right

DickSnipper 3 months ago

she is very unhinged, but ⬇️ Yeah, he’s a

hayzues 1 year ago

Who is breading these morons? These wackos are scared of their own shadow. USA is crumbling, thanks tRump & Putin. LOL The sky is falling...


The thing with intelligent people is that they sound crazy to dumb people.
And the "spoon" thing is something real, i´ve seen it at first hand!

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