Here's a video I do not understand

Can anyone explain this made up nonsense? What the heck is going on with Gen Z? Are they OK? Did they have fathers?


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edX 2 weeks ago

Sane people 'identify WITH'. Insane people 'identify AS'. Get it? Ever watch Psycho and Single White Female? An intelligent person takes on the laudable traits of another, not wear her or his underwear and pretend she or he is that person. The latter is psychosis.

Anonymous 1 month ago

just ignore her, she'll get bored or go away

Dindu 2 months ago

Destruction of the west.How many kids from the tribe act like this?

justme 1 year ago

How about if I just call you That Toaster Over There a TTOT?

DB 1 year ago

I prefer my vagina OEM, not aftermarket...

Anonymous 1 year ago

i am ready... aliens hear my distress call.... come get me asap away from this planet

tony denono 1 year ago

how bout transformer / decepticon

jdoe 1 year ago

if it can't make up it's mind how the f-ck are we supposed to

The man 1 year ago

I prefer my women without mustaches.

Ramrod 1 year ago

I'd say you're 'mEHntally' ill.

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