Girl runs her mouth, gets her man KNOCKED OUT

This always happens. Some dumb girl runs her mouth to the wrong people and her guy gets knocked the F out.

Granted, this was a cheap shot sucker punch and whoever does that is a douche.

Then the dumb girl wants to pick the guy's head up like he's a doll. Lady, you don't touch the man's head after he just sustained an injury. I hope he dumps her and never talks to her again after this.

She's trash just like the person who would sucker punch some random guy for no reason.


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Roy 1 month ago

Detroit, don’t go there if you’re White, misery only ensues treks to the domicile of the feces speces

honorin 2 months ago

don't care what's going on, they all look human garbage

John Flower 2 months ago

He just fell on the ground.

Dindu 3 months ago


Joffray 3 months ago

Sucker punch, grrrrrrr sleazebag.

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