Girl says going tanning is 'Literally Blackface'

Here's a white girl doing her best whitesplaining to tell you that going tanning or stepping into the sun is "literally blackface." In my opinion, she is literally a dumbass.


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edX 2 weeks ago

How does she explain her black lipstick then.

Dindu 2 months ago

Self hating white hmmmmm, wonder if she be a lieberal.

Coolkid 1 year ago

Childhood ptsd? Wth

Anonymous 1 year ago

She’s stupid…LITERALLY, and you can’t change my mind.

Drastic 1 year ago

also, this dumb bitch has black lipstick on. that's like 9% blackface.

Drastic 1 year ago

she's not right, she's a ducking idiot

AspergerHicks 1 year ago

She's right

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

Yep, another one whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the Penthouse.

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