Dave Chappelle tells audience member to shut up

Actually, Dave Chappelle does a little more than tell an audience member to shut up. He says a word after it that us white folks can't say unless we're singing rap songs in the car by ourselves and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can hear us. Come on man, like you never sang Ol' Dirty's Shame on a (you know what word goes here) in the car when no one was lookin? Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedians of all time and no one can change my mind.


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edX 1 month ago

Right. My having a d-ck doesn't give me the right to stop someone killing a child. Someone should tell HIM to 'shut up black'.

Leroy jenkinsberg 3 months ago


Dabrazilianguy 1 year ago

f-ck dave chappelle and his leftistl cuck mentality!
How can you say women can choose wether they can murder a baby or not?
What about the father, does he gets to choose if he wants the child or not, or the baby, does he/she also gets to choose?
19 million black babies aborted(murdered) since 1975 by a white supremacist clinic, and this a--hole tries to tell us that "black lives matter" GIVE ME A BREAK!

Anonymous 1 year ago


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