Another person creates their own pronouns

Anyone else getting sick of this stuff? Like, where did the parents of these people completely fail? Did both parents ignore this person their entire life for them to be this mentally f-ed up in the head? Seriously, WTF is going on with society and why are so many people making one heckuva case for mental health awareness? Holy hell Batman, this is clearly a mental illness AND parental abandonment problem. You don't have good parents if you ended up like this, that's for sure.

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edX 4 days ago

Oh yeah, another thing Drastic, this reprogramming really got underway in the 90s. So many of those born in the late 70s onwards were caught in this brainsquash. These are the parents of many of these 'young and the clueless'. So these parents themselves are weak in their understanding of sociocultural norms and the reasoning it is based on. That is why their children are weak enough in cultural and meaningful upbringing to the point of talking through their rear orifices. This is especially so in the west as people in the west are well trained to not consider the perspectives of other cultures. Hence, they fell headlong for media indoctrination. And the rest of the world, well trained to 'look up' to the west just followed the corporate-led trend and fell victim to it, albeit slowly, as they had their cultures to delay their fall for BS.

Anyway, keep up the good job. You got a great job there. Good to know not everyone is falling for this liberal capitalist crap. This is not a 'liberal' problem by the way. Buddha as a liberal in the indian sense of the word, and he wouldn't have supported this crap. This is 'liberal capitalist' crap. That is, it is the toxic cultural byproduct of capitalism which is designed to perpetuate the system that gave rise to it. A liberal in heaven and hell are two different animals. So 'liberal' and 'progressive' aren't accurate terms. One can 'progress' to hell or heaven. ;)

edX 4 days ago

It's not that parents failed, Mr Drastic.

It's western media programming, especially since the 90s - though it can be traced back to the 70s - cost of living increased to drag women out of the home, 'smartphones' being used to indoctrinate the young, ageism in the western media designed to turn the young against the old/elders/other cultures/religions/etc that left them with the Corporation being the only ones 'bringing up baby', and gross brazen misandry that demonised the only real thorn in the arse of the elite.....and more.

I observed this back in the 90s when i was in my early 20s, and wondered what the hell was going on. I've been looking into it since 2008 and noticed a whole load of insidious strategies being applied via a broad range of means and knew something was up.

Jim 3 weeks ago

A cull?

Ed 4 weeks ago

How about "Woman with a mustache"?

Leroy jenkinsberg 1 month ago

I'm gonna puke

Kill it with fire 1 month ago

Kill it with fire

Simon 1 year ago

mental health is important folks.

Anonymous 1 year ago

A f-ckin’ lab experiment. Look at yourself!!

jojo 1 year ago

Use stockpiled ammo

Nodadnottonight 1 year ago

This shit makes me want to top myself

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