Person explains how to make your own custom pronouns

I don't know how to explain this video other than someone wearing makeup and explaining to people that you can make your own custom pronouns. So basically, just making something up and calling it your pronoun? I guess....

lay some pipe shirt i hate that bitch shirt drinking team shirt


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edX 6 days ago

Like the ole saying goes, 'if a tree falls in the forest and nobody was there to hear it, does it make a sound (logically, that is a dumbbutt question)

I wonder, if she was to sit on a bottle and it was to go up her meow, would she not feel it because she doesn't identify as a girl?

Odin Yabellyin 1 month ago

My Neon pronouns are "Get the" and "f-ck out of my face" and "With that sh-t"

Coolkid 1 year ago

My/they/them head hurts now

gizmo 1 year ago

they can suck my d-noun

FFS 1 year ago

pls do stick your p-noun where the sun don't shine

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