Woman spilling gasoline all over car thinks it's a water hose

She must be from a state that doesn't pump their own gas, like New Jersey, and she's now seen a gas pump for the first time in history. That explains why she's hosing the car down with the completely wrong stuff.


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OHH so this is why gas prices are so damn high!

Anonymous 1 year ago

Now get inside, drive off, as you run outta gas light a cigarette up then tell us what happened. Oh you won’t be able to.

Drastic 1 year ago

I feel dumb as shit because if they are actually water hoses, then I'm just as stupid haha. I never saw one of those at a gas station, literally ever.

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

Look at the fucking hose for Christ's sake, that's not even a fuel hose, the world is full of dipshits.

BigFootsUncleBob 1 year ago

Ok well here is the stupidity in the people filming, here where I live they have water hoses just like that at the pumps, and yes they are attached to the pump. They are clearly marked WATER Non Pottable, and yellow for that reason

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