Husband of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan's ex-wife arrested in murder case

In a major announcement from police in Florida, Henry Tenon has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder with a weapon. Officials also said they've arrested the husband of Jared Bridegan's ex-wife, Mario Fernandez Saldana, in connection with this incident. Florida Times-Union reported:
In one of the Jacksonville area's most widely theorized murder cases in decades, law enforcement officials announced Thursday's arrest of Mario Fernandez Saldana in last year's planned hit on Jared Bridegan after dropping his twin children off at his ex-wife's home. Fernandez Saldana is the ex's husband.Bridegan, a 33-year-old Microsoft executive, had just left Jacksonville Beach on his way home to St. Augustine with his 2-year-old daughter when he stopped because of a tire on the road. When he got out to move it, he was immediately gunned down, police said. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, and the child remained unharmed in her safety seat.


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