NJ Man walks across America to help homeless vets

Tommy Pasquale walked across America to raise money for the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans, says having homeless vets in America doesn't sit right with him on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' CBS News reported on Tommy, saying:

A 25-year-old New Jesey man walked 143 days, 20 to 30 miles a day, across the country raising funds and awareness for homeless veterans.

On his tenth pair of sneakers, Tommy Pasquale strolled in to Venice Beach Friday with only his souped-up shopping cart and jumped in the Pacific Ocean to celebrate the end of his fundraising journey.

"I walked all the way from Jersey, through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and here to sunny southern California," said Pasquale.

His journey began at the Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey, Sept. 19. His goal was to raise awareness and money for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, as many of his friends and family are veterans and active duty.

"I think it's a bit shameful that brave men and women go serve and protect this country and come home and not have a place to hang their hat at the end of the day," said Pasquale.


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