'Gutfeld!' debunks a professor's theory that pantries could be rooted in racism

'Gutfeld!' co-hosts react to a Loyola University marketing professor's argument that 'organized' pantries are bigoted. Daily Mail picked up this story too, pointing out the research of the weirdo professor. The article started off saying the following:
The recent social media trend of showing off spacious, bright, clean and perfectly organized pantries is rooted in racist, classist and sexist social structures, according to a professor from Chicago.Associate Professor of Marketing Jenna Drenten said she took note of a recent uptick in what she branded 'pantry porn' - when women show off their fully stocked, methodically styled home supply closets.In particular, Drenten singles out ultra-influencer celebrities like the Kardashians for proliferating the trend as they show their millions of followers their pristine storage rooms.


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