Police arrest serial package thief who stole from homes, UPS drivers in Detroit

Police say they have caught the man stealing packages from homes and ups drivers in multiple cities. It went beyond theft, as police say the man was getting increasingly violent. Click on Detroit had the scoop, reporting on the serial package thief. The report said:
Police said this isn’t just about packages but getting someone they believe is dangerous off the streets.“We were able to identify the fact that this suspect was good for at least eight incidents in our city,” said Detroit police Chief James White.That’s just in Detroit, and it was going on for months. White said in at least two of those cases, William Lewis targeted UPS drivers with a knife or taser.“

I believe in one incident, he actually robbed a driver after he took the package,” White said. “Personal items that the driver had on him. So as you can see that this was going to gradually get more and more violent, and someone could have been injured. We may, in fact, have prevented, you know, a murder.”


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terry 1 week ago

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Willard 1 week ago

Guy raised his hands and didn't try to rabbit. Kids were in the car, he was screwed.

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