Debunking Jon Stewart's Attack On The 2nd Amendment During Debate With Republican Senator

In a recent viral video being shared proudly by the Gun Control Lobby, Jon Stewart interviewed Oklahoma Republican State Senator Nathan Dahm, challenging him with a plethora of gun control arguments. Many anti-gun advocates are sharing it, believing that Jon Stewart demolished the Republican senator's arguments on guns. For instance, when the senator commented that "more guns make us safer," Jon responded, "would billions of guns do it?" During the interview, Jon Stewart interrupted the Republican lawmaker to point out that the Second Amendment is the only constitutional right that includes the phrase "well regulated," and challenged his stance that it is the only right that "shall not be infringed." Jon also discussed arguments for the need for background checks, registrations, permitting, and tried to draw a comparison between voter registration and gun registration among other things. However, the video on Apple TV Plus was rife with intellectual dishonesty. Due to this, I will debunk all of the nonsense that spewed so effortlessly from Jon Stewart's mouth."


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Anonymous 23 hours ago

More people killed with knives each year...........

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